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May 2024


Dear Families,

May is here and the end of the school year is near! That seems absolutely crazy! What a wonderful year we have had. I'd like to take this opportunity to ask you to join me in thanking my Dream Team, the amazing staff! May 6th-10th is Staff Appreciation Week. I am incredibly grateful for this dedicated group who have cared for and taught your children with love. What a blessing!

Another BIG thank you to our Parent Club President, Hilary Calhoun, and the Parent Club members for their support this year. The activities they provided and the fundraising they did have been greatly appreciated. Hilary has served for 2 years and we are grateful for the impact she has made on our school and families. 

We also appreciate the SYV Presbyterian Church for their support and for this beautiful campus. It is a lovely and inspiring place to spend our days. We are all so fortunate. Our board of directors have provided great guidance and support as well, and we are thankful for their leadership.

This month brings alot of fun activities as we start to wrap up. We have our annual Mother's Day Tea (please see your child's classroom calendar for time and date) and this year we will be doing "Daddy Drop-off Days" for dads to bring their children to school and stop by the Fairy Garden to enjoy a donut and a little quality time before school. If Dad can't make it, we'd love to see Grandpas, Uncles, friends, etc. Everyone is welcome to enjoy a donut!

As always, we will end the year with a Family Chapel and Children's performance, followed by the Bear Picnic on the playground. Children will perform both days; however, please see your classroom calendar for your designated day. This is a wonderful way to end the school year with music, fellowship, and lunch provided by us!

And finally, if you are joining Summer School, please remember that spaces are limited and filling up! Please stop by the office if you have questions!

Thanks you for making this year so special. Your children are a true jo and have been such blessings. Here's to new adventures for those moving sure to stop by and visit! And to those returning, we look forward a great year ahead!

Love & Hugs!

Jody Carmichael


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