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We are a Christian preschool with a developmentally appropriate program based on Best Practice. Our program provides rich experiences to nurture your child in their spiritual, mental, social, emotional and physical growth in a loving environment.

Registration will be on a first come first served basis. Registration forms will be time-stamped as they are turned in. Please note that forms should be turned in IN PERSON on the registration days unless you have an extenuating service that requires you to send via email. If this is the case, please call and discuss your situation with the Directors. If you receive permission to email them in, please do not send until the morning you are eligible to register.

Children can only attend school under the new State of California Immunization Law with the Physician’s Report filled out and signed by their doctor as proof they are up to date on all required immunizations. Children must be 2 years 9 months and potty trained. All of our staff have received CPR, Pesticide and Mandated Reporter training.  California State Law requires that we be mandated reporters for suspected child abuse (AB1207). 

School Schedule

School Hours are from 9 am-12 pm Monday-Friday.

Registration Fee (non-fundable and due at registration): $50

                                          2 Mornings per week (Tuesday/Thursday) -- $210                                    
*This option is only available for 3 year olds.

3 Mornings per week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)--$295

4 Mornings per week--$375

5 Mornings per week--$465



Extended Care Options

You can drop your child off in the Early Care room anytime between 7:30 am and 8:50 am on days that you need the extra care in the morning. The charge is $3.75 per ½ hour and will be billed on your following month's tuition invoice.


Bear Care:

This program is a contracted service and you must be enrolled a minimum of two days per week. It is billed with your regular preschool tuition each month. 

We have two pick-up options:
12:00-4:00 pm is $25/day

12:00-5:30 pm is $28/day


You need to send a lunch for your child to eat during this time. This program is our most structured of the afternoon programs.  The children will enjoy lunch, story time, playground time, nap/rest, snack, learning centers, art and indoor free play.

*There are no credits or refunds issued for this program for any reason. Two weeks notice is required to change or drop days.

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